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Painful Muscle Gel

Painful Muscle Gel


The natural herbs and essential oils combined in

Painful Muscle GEL serve a dual purpose:

To protect muscles prior to exercise, and to soothe

and heal them after exertion. Warming and

deep-penetrating Painful Muscle GEL is an

effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing

agent for muscles.




  • For external application only
  • Not to be used during pregnancy and lactation
  • Not suitable for epileptics



Arnica Montana – Arnica

Cybopoban citrates – Lemon grass

Lavandula augustifolia – Lavender

Piper nigrum – Black pepper

Rosmarinis officinalis – Rosemary

150 ml : 5 fl oz


Painful Muscle GEL helps to warm muscles before exercise and to reduce the incidence of muscle damage. It also treats stiffness and pain after exertion.


Especially helpful:

  • In helping to warm up prior to exercise or events on cold days
  • To use before and after marathons
  • In protecting and healing muscles for ballerinas and dancers


This is an essential sportsman’s accessory – a trendy gift for an active friend!

Be prepared – never leave without it.

Piper nigrum – Black pepper effectively warms and stimulates muscles in cold weather it improves the working of the kidneys

Arnica montana –Arnica improves local (peripheral) blood supply and accelerates healing

It is an anti-inflammatory agent and increases re-absorption rate of internal bleeding. With its deep penetrating and healing abilities, it is one of the best remedies for bruises and sprains and in relaxing sore and tired muscles. Arnica is valuable for muscular aches, especially after sport and heavy exertion. Arnica improves peripheral blood supply (in extremities ie hands and feet).

Cymbopogon citrates – Lemon grass has a toning effect on muscles.

Lavandula augustifolia / officinalis – True Lavender heightens the action of any other oil that it is mixed to. It also acts s an analgesic for sharp and piercing pains. Lavender is an excellent healing agent for burns. It has analgesic, antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-viral and cleansing properties

Rosmarinis offincinalis – Rosemary effectively warms muscles in cold weather especially before running a marathon athletes report improved times and much less fatigue – very useful for ballet dancers too. Rosemary has a marked stimulating effect on central nervous system, which gives the user mental clarity and improved memory. It acts as is an analgesic without having a sedative effect to relieve pain in arthritis and rheumatism. It is very effective for muscle massage






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