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Archive for November 2015

Introduction to Natural Balance

Introduction to NATURAL BALANCE PAIN MANAGEMENT HYDROGELS Background: Approximately 40% of the world’s population lives in constant pain. It is estimated that in the USA alone, 108 million people suffer from pain, in one form or another. Apart from pharmaceutical pain medication in tablet form, and some […]

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After Sun Gel

Relaxing, cooling, soothing, healing, pain relieving, anti-inflammatoryEFFECTIVE RELIEF FROM SUNBURNAFTER SUN GEL is formulated to cool down and heal the skin simultaneously. It helps to alleviate mild pain and swelling associated with over-exposure to the sun.AFTER SUN GEL carries natural anti-inflammatory oils in a silky smooth gel […]

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Baby Bum Gel

Baby Bum Gel END OF NAPPY RASH AND THRUSH Helping little bottoms cope with nappy rash or thrush, this gel offers symptomatic relief when applied to the affected areas. Anti-viral; Anti-inflammatory; Soothing; Oil enriched for soft skin Directions : Apply thinly to nappy area after each diaper […]

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Tired Foot Gel

Tired Foot GelRELIEVES BURNING, TINGLING OR SWOLLEN FEETSilky smooth Tired Foot GEL applies easily and dries quickly. Peppermint provides relief for tired, burning or tingling feet. Bergamot and cypress have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help deodorize the feet, reduce perspiration and promote elimination of bacteria and […]

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Sinus Gel

SINUS GEL contains natural herbs and essential oils with mucolytic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and warming properties. It is designed to address the phlegm that clogs sinuses and to promote its drainage. Sinus headaches and sinusitis may be reduced or eliminated. Regular use may prevent secondary infection. SINUS GEL […]

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Painful Muscle Gel

Painful Muscle Gel   The natural herbs and essential oils combined in Painful Muscle GEL serve a dual purpose: To protect muscles prior to exercise, and to soothe and heal them after exertion. Warming and deep-penetrating Painful Muscle GEL is an effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing agent […]

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