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After Sun Gel

Relaxing, cooling, soothing, healing, pain relieving, anti-inflammatoryEFFECTIVE RELIEF FROM SUNBURNAFTER SUN GEL is formulated to cool down and heal the skin simultaneously. It helps to alleviate mild pain and swelling associated with over-exposure to the sun.AFTER SUN GEL carries natural anti-inflammatory oils in a silky smooth gel […]

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Tired Foot Gel

Tired Foot GelRELIEVES BURNING, TINGLING OR SWOLLEN FEETSilky smooth Tired Foot GEL applies easily and dries quickly. Peppermint provides relief for tired, burning or tingling feet. Bergamot and cypress have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help deodorize the feet, reduce perspiration and promote elimination of bacteria and […]

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